Adventures in Ember Ridge

July 6th, 2012 - Preliminary Session

First Session

Friday night was a good time. I’m glad to start to get to know you guys. I haven’t transcribed the conversation yet, but I will try to tomorrow or the next day. I hope it was informative, at any rate.

I will be posting a world map tonight, as well as a regional map.

If anyone wants to post any thoughts, comments or questions, concerning events, please do it here.

July 13th Preview

It is early morning, the sun is just peaking over the mountains to the east. You are new in town. Ember Ridge is a peaceful town, guards frequently pass by on the rounds; so used to their patrols that their horses seem to walk in the exact footsteps that they walked in moments before. Their are a lot of people up and about; these rural towns are much more active at dawn than the cities you’ve been through. As you go through the streets, you eventually come to the town center where you notice a Bulletin Board. After skimming through a couple of bounties and ads, you hear a crash behind you. As you look behind, you see about a dozen children noisily running down the road towards the river, they are all carrying fishing gear and laughing. As you turn back, you notice a patrolman stopped on his horse, examining you.

“Sir, you look lost,” he states. “You’re new in town, huh? Well, this is a good day for it…the monthly court will be held at ten o’clock this morning, only a few hours away at the pavilion.” He points. “If you’re interested in becoming a settler, or declare your intentions as a visitor, you’ll want to go. I’m required to say it’s mandatory, but we don’t enforce it. I’d highly recommend attending however, if you sign a settler’s contract, they’ll pay you one-hundred gold.”

You then notice a copy of a Settler’s Contract on the bulletin board.

He tips his helmet and continues his rounds. That has got to be the friendliest guard you’ve ever met.


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