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The Harvest Festival is coming up, starting the 17th of August, continuing through to the 22nd. Everyone is invited to attend. The first night will be the annual Harvest Promenade; so bring those ladies and show off your moves.

The second night will feature the music of Lye Cordellia, the Elvish bard of Silverwood City.

The third night will feature the opening of the new lantern garden in the Ember Ridge district. Tickets cost seventy-five gold, and attendees will enjoy dinner courtesy of Baron Sheldon.

The fourth night features an original play, written by Agatha Lorin, “The Far-Off Cry,” it features Jack Corn as the poetic, yet courageous hero Truman Goldwin, and his real life wife, the beautiful Aeliel Sylvanleaf as the imprisoned damsel, Maid Lea Bremin. This show is free and will be held at the Starbring Reservoir Theatre, courtesy of the Ember Ridge Players.

The fifth night will culminate with a final feast, festivities and the annual town meeting.

Orcs and kobolds are on the rise. The goblins seem to have succumb to more infighting, Redg Gorlily reports.

People think that the gypsies are urinating in the reservoir…but they drink that water, too.

The Church of Bahamut will be holding an open house in order to answer questions people may have, and offer free curse-lifting and healing services on August 11th.

Reports of kobolds have been expected, and the town council is putting out a reward for the elimination of these draconian pests. A piece of parchment hangs outside of the General Store, Kobold Bounty.

Orc activity is on the rise, no surprise, though, as the citizens of this town have been seemingly fighting them for three centuries. The town council has had an upstanding reward, continuously since the foundation of this town. Twenty gold pieces per orc killed, one-hundred if the orc is venerated, five-hundred if they are a warchief. And, three thousand gold pieces for the head of the orc commander, Farguush.

The town-crier is dying, and a new crier must be found. Town crier position pays fifteen gold per day. Citizen must be charismatic, must have the ability to draw a crowd, and must be able to yell loud.

The blacksmith is looking for a new apprentice. This position requires long hours, twice a week. Citizen must have minor trained in craft skills; smithing, fletching or leather working. This job is tough is compensation is based upon quality of work.

The Sydemore Silver Company is looking for miners to outfit their Graveyard Shift. This job requires strong young men with vigor and ability to work long hours. This job pays twenty gold per day.

The Copper Pot is looking for an apprentice alchemist. Duties include polishing and washing bottles, vials and tools, cleaning the store, and gathering herbs; future opportunities include: learning how to make potions, minor spell-craft training and bookbinding. Compensation is payed hourly at three gold per hour.

The Harvest Festival requires many strong men who are willing to work long hours; compensation includes: free mead, ale or wine (after set-up) courtesy of Kurt McDonnell; ten gold per day and a dance with one of the lovely ladies of the McLeller Dance Company.

Bulletin Board

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