Church of Bahamut

Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon

Bahamut, a large silver-scaled metallic dragon is a major deity of the world. He is the first born of the first dragon, Io, and the nemesis of his sister, Tiamet. Bahamut lives in the Celestial Realm, where he watches all the worlds and realms that are visible. His realm is impenetrable to all but those who are personally welcome. He is kind, benevolent and willing to help good people in times of need.


Though churches of Bahamut are rare, they are always lavishly built; made from marble, or granite, and have gold and silver trim in excess. Green runners line the halls, and stone benches are meticulously placed in perfect symmetry. The churches are always ornate, and have four dragon-born warriors, personally summoned by Bahamut who protect it with their lives.

Dogma (taken from the wikipedia page)

Bahamut is very stern and disapproving of evil. He accepts no excuses for foul deeds. On the other hand, he is very compassionate, and has boundless empathy for the weak and downtrodden. He urges his followers to promote good, but to let people fight their own battles when they can, providing healing, information, or temporary safe refuge rather than fighting alongside those who can fight for themselves.

Bahamut’s own greatest priority is his endless war with his sister Tiamat. He opposes all her schemes, answering them move for move. He values wisdom, knowledge, prophecies, and song. For a dragon, he is neither vain nor greedy.


Though his churches are rare, his worshippers are not. He is celebrated on every continent, in every nation, in every city and nearly every town. He is the hero of his kind, the one and only god to the metallic dragons.

His followers must adhere to a strict code of conduct; must be good-aligned and not seek to live opulent lifestyles.

The Rite of Rebirth

People who have devoted their lives to Bahamut may undergo a Rite of Ascension. When the Rites are complete, the subject will go to sleep and wake up the next morning as a dragon-born; a man-sized dragon. This new guise will offer greater natural armor, and could greatly increase the physical attributes of the subject. This process is rare, as a subject must follow a very strict lifestyle in order to become a dragon-born, one who becomes a dragon-born only does so because Bahamut knows beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt that the subject will only commit good and never evil. It is even rumored that Bahamut can see the entire future of the subject, from rebirth to death.

Church of Bahamut

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