Ember Ridge

Ember Ridge

Ember Ridge is a beautiful town nestled upon a hill, deep in the forest of Fernwood. It was founded by the famed Elvish explorer, Akvar Sydemore. The town is named for the ridge that it was built around, which boasts some of the most beautiful views in the land; which includes the Starbring Reservoir.


Ember Ridge has one weekly publication called the “Silver Sentinel.”

Once a year, Ember Ridge hosts a Harvest Festival. Also called “The Celebration of Plenty,” and the “The Autumnal Transition,” this five day event is the harbinger of autumn. It is started at the culmination of the harvest. After the town council, along with the warehouse listers agree to an amount of goods to store away to get them through the following months, some of the excess is used for the feast at the festival. Vendors come from all over the land, merchants ranging from fur traders and fish mongers to clothiers and fireworks makers. Though the epicenter of this event takes place in Ember Ridge, the gypsy camp at Starbring Reservoir and the Church of Bahamut in Axmere Ravine also celebrate, and decorations lead out of town to both of these settlements as well.


While Ember Ridge is a progressive town, it is not free of social discrimination. Largely perpetuated by humans, peoples of lower birth (the labor class, also known as “scruds”) and the less cosmopolitan races, such as orcs, half-breeds, goblinoids (goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears) and tieflings. Altercations happen from time to time, usually just words, but sometimes these altercations can become violent. Usually, the court (the town council) favors whichever party is truly the victim, but sometimes money can play an influence in the council’s decision.

Folks typically get along pretty well. Although the labor class seems to hold a grudge against the noble class, whom they refer to as “teadrinkers.”

While the labor class is not by any means, wealthy, poverty virtually is non-existent in Ember Ridge.


The economy in Ember Ridge is the epitome of typical. Gold, silver and copper are the coin of choice, and platinum is the “wealthy man’s coin.” Though at one time, it was considered a rare metal, electrum is considered to be on par with platinum, given its recently discovered use as a powerful reagent for wizards.

Natural Resources

There are three mines near Ember Ridge. The Sydemore Copper Company is the largest business in town; they own the large copper mine on the north side of town. The copper mine on the west side of town is publicly owned, and any citizen who wishes may mine it any time they wish. The mineral mine is located a couple miles north of town near The Plains. The mineral mine is also publicly owned, it’s main resource is mica, but it is also a good source of quartz and garnet.

The forest is home to many types of tree, ranging from softwoods: pine, cedar, hemlock, balsam and spruce to hardwoods: white birch, poplar, oak, ash, yew, hickory and basswood. The timber/lumber industry is quite healthy.

Many crops flourish in the area, but most farms are built in The Plains district.

The Town Council

The town council is a seven seat governing body of the town. It is comprised of three senior members, and four junior members. All members are elected by the citizens of adult age (humans, 15+. elves 40+, dwarves 20+). Current members are, the seniors: Valvius Sydemore (Elvish, b. 1009), Elena Morrison (Half-Elvish, b. 1155), Leoch Stonehand (Dwarvish, b. 1089), and the juniors: James Kilik (Human, b. 1201), Bianca Caraway (Human, b. 1217), Hark Frizzlefrane (Gnome, b. 1199) and Carvel Anastar (Halfling, b. 1240).

Current Events

The year is 1300, it is August, 1st.

Check the town Bulletin Board for more information.

Ember Ridge

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