Kobold Bounty

A bounty has been set on this years batch of the “kobold chosen,” though their champions are never hard to handle, they are quite a nuisance, as they like to steal the crops. Eliminate these pests, but do not venture too far into their territory; we do not want to anger their god.

I’m sure Father Lightbridge would prefer not to have to call in another favor from Bahamut, like last year.

The reward for each kobold slain is twenty gold pieces, their leaders will fetch a price of one hundred gold pieces and if you encounter a shaman and can slay it before it gets away, you’ll be able to receive a nice little sum of five hundred gold coins.

Predictions are that there will be a party comparable to last years; thirty grunts, with three leaders, and an elusive shaman.

Total possible reward:

1400 gold pieces divided between the individuals.

Kobold Bounty

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